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15 · 09 · 2016

The Hetsch Award Art & Craft Exhibition

The Hetsch Award Art and Craft Exhibition at the Danish Cultural Institute

Works by the winners of this year´s Hetsch-medal will be exhibited at the Danish Cultural Institute from September 21. – October 31. The Hetsch-medal (Kunsthåndværkerprisen af 1879) is an annual Danish design award for art and crafts designers in Denmark. Every year the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) awards talented artists and designers with the Hetsch-medal. This year Danish craftspersons working with textile, wood, silver, jewelry, glass, and ceramics won a Hetsch-medal.

To mark the occasion, Danish designer and winner of this year´s Hetsch-medal, Lotte Westphael, will give a lecture on her work and contemporary, Danish ceramics at the Danish Cultural Institute where a selection of her works also will be exhibited. The lecture will take place on September 19 at 18.00.

For more information: http://www.kea.dk/en/