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09 · 09 · 2016

Nordic Weeks in St. Petersburg

The Nordic Weeks Festival will take place in St. Petersburg for the seventh time this autumn.

This year’s programme by the Danish Cultural Institute (DCI) includes a variety of cultural activities such as an art and crafts exhibition of award-winning Danish designs; a film screening of the Danish movie of the year «Land of mine» (Under Sandet) at the Nordic film festival; participation in the Nordic jazz concert, Nordic Architecture Days, and a seminar on Nordic welfare.

Furthermore, DCI presents projects on green mobility at the International Innovation Forum and at the Green Day Festival at the Polytechnic University (see a fuller description at the newsletter).

The programme is prepared by the Consulates General of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark in St. Petersburg, the Embassy of Iceland to Russia, the Finnish Institute and the Danish Cultural Institute with the support of the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg.

Full programme (in Russian)