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03 · 10 · 2017

Bådteatret at the “Baltic House” theatre festival

Danish puppet theatre BÅDTEATRET presents “Iron Ring” performance during the Baltic House festival in St. Petersburg on 8-9 October.

Jernring (Iron Ring) is a visually breathtaking and poetic puppetry performance. It tells the story of a family, trying to escape the siege of Leningrad during WW2. The manuscript of the show is Shostakovich’s Leningrad Symphony. Throughout the performance, the symphony plays from beginning to end. The wordless performance gives life and imagery to the drama of the music.

The main characters are a girl, her father and grandmother. They are trying to survive the hunger and the cold of the occupation of their hometown. The father loses his family to this extremely inhuman war act. Nevertheless, he survives. Through his belief in the power of poetry and art, he manages to carry on even though he is now alone. We sense his strength, his love and rejoice with him.

The Critics wrote:

“Frightfully awful, but also unearthly beautiful. Through magic dreamlike flashes with near death experiences accompanied to great music…. Jernring is a war performance of excellent standard. It clings to you for several days, if not eternally” Anne Middelboe, theatre critic –

the daily newspaper, Information


“Sitting at the very bottom of the Bådteatret, the sufferings come alive right in front of you. The music of Shostakovich enthralls the painful consequences of hunger. This acclaimed performance is thoroughly touching. ” Søren Schauser, critic – the daily newspaper, Berlingske Tidende


“I was in great admiration of the four puppeteers who with all their might and limbs give life to these outstanding puppets. It is truly a rare and unique experience.”

Knud Cornelius, theatre critic – the daily newspaper, Frederiksborg Amts Avis.


Bådteatret is an experimental puppetry and animation theater company, which is located on an old freight boat in the historical center of Copenhagen. Bådteatret is striving to explore the animation theater to its endless extent.