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16 · 10 · 2018

‘Carl Nielsen-Kvintetten’ at the Philharmonia

24 October at 19.00 in the Small Hall at the Philharmonia will host an evening of chamber music performed by ‘Carl Nielsen-Kvintetten‘ (Denmark).


The members of the quintet are all well established on the professional Danish and Swedish music scenes and all play in various symphony orchestras and constellations in Southern Jutland, Copenhagen and Malmö.


The five award-winning musicians have known each other since they played together in Tivoli Copenhagens marching band ‘Tivoli Garden’ and have since then established Carl Nielsen Kvintetten. In 2015 they won the prestigious Carl Nielsen International Chamber Music Competetion, and they continue to tour with both Danish and international music on a very high level.


Kenny Aaberg Larsen (flute), Daniel Bogorad (oboe), Nicolai Eghorst (clarinet), Christian Vinther (horn), Magnus Koch Jensen (bassoon).


Programme features:
D.D. Shostakovich «Festive Ouverture»
I.F. Stravinsky «Firebird»
Jørgen Jersild «Music-Making in the Forest»
Carl Nielsen, Kvintet for wind instruments.


Tickets cost 200-450 rubles on the Philharmonias website.
Photo: https://www.cn5.dk