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23 · 08 · 2017

“CIRCUIT” exhibition

The “CIRCUIT” exhibition is an encounter with a circular movement of varied orientations formed by Danish contemporary artists at the Street Art Museum in St. Petersburg in cooperation with Taiga space and will be on display between 8 and 30 September.

The artists are all part of the Danish art archive Artistoftheweek.dk, an inviting community where each artist gives rise to the next in a circulatory system—either encouraging the formation or taking parting turns in a circuit and continuum of a repeated path, collisions and rebirth.

The exhibition is an itinerary of continuous curves around an open center dealing with layers of inner realities, exploration of social landscapes, mythical governance and global intervention navigating possibilities of how art, the public and society can interact relationally.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
The exhibition is initiated by the international platform Calculation. Project is based on intersecting artistic contacts between different countries in the field of contemporary art and is devoted to iterative interactions of general artistic representational process, aimed at further development of cooperation, interdisciplinary connections and intercultural research.


The exhibition will be accompanied by an exhibition programme including site-specific performances, live-concerts, artist talks, screenings and much more.

Anne Kathrine Sørup, Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen, Berit Dröse, Flemming Rolighed, Heidi Hove, Lars Vilhelmsen, Morten Ernlund, Pernille With Madsen, Steffen Levring and Ulla Eriksen.

Guest curators
Sandra Blichert Christensen and Sara Glahn, Artistoftheweek.dk

Valentina Makarova-Sekisova and Kirstine Skov Hansen
Supported by
Danish Cultural Institute
Folmer Wisti Foundation for International Understanding
Danish Art Foundation

Russian Center for Science and Culture
Semenov Library
Art Tube
Paideia Art School


Фото: Barbara We are between You and Me; Pernille; Steffen Kiosk