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26 · 10 · 2017

“Circus Funestus” at BTK-fest

Danish Sofie Krog Teater presents pupet performance “Circus Funestus” at the BTK-fest of the St. Petersburg Pupet Theatre on 4 November at 16.00 & 18.00.


The evening’s circus performance has started, and the mysterious “Circus Funestus” entertains the audience with subtle and delicate numbers. The show’s microscopic flea declares his love to the adorable elephant in the circus… That makes the intrigue roll and a hectic hunt begins. The evil villain, Mr. Whip, becomes madly jealous and the entertaining performance crumbles. Now a breathless hunt begins to save the circus and the love from total destruction. Welcome to a high-speed circus show where puppets, movies, music and effects create a comical and magical universe!


Duration: 50 minutes, age limit 12+. Tickets


About the theatre: «Sofie Krog Teater» – Sofie Krog Teater is a small touring company who produces filmic puppet theatre for teens and adults. The theatre was established in 2003 and premiered with the performance Diva. In 2007, Sofie Krog teamed up with David Faraco and together they have produced the performances The House and Circus Funestus. All three performances are still active and the company have toured in more than 26 countries all over the world.