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25 · 05 · 2016

Danish theatre company Asterions Hus performs ‘My Room’ show

Platform Skorohod continues its series of art-weekends with the prefix SKORO. 28-29 May at 20.00 the Danish theatre company Asterions Hus will perform the show “My Room”.


This is a performance about breaking boundaries – between people, between countries, the audience and the artist, adults and children. The performance is for adults, but can also be watched by children over 10 years of age.


“My Room” is a fantastic opportunity to observe the inner workings of the thoughts, life, and character of the artist.



Ticket prices – 500 rub. Tickets can be bought at the Skorohod ticket office at Moskovsky pr. 107, k. 5


Online tickets:

28 May

29 May