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17 · 10 · 2017

Danish Wave. 9th film festival of Danish movies

“Danish Wave – 9th film festival of Danish movies” is taking place in St. Petersburg on 1-3 October 2017 at the Angleterre Cinemalounge and is organised by the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow, Danish film institute and Cool Connections.


1 November: “Darling” (2017) by Birgitte Stærmose, the story of a world-famous ballerina who returns to the Royal Danish Ballet as the lead in the ballet Giselle. Diagnosed with irreparable hip damage, Darling must struggle with her loss of identity, while training her replacement.


2 November: “3 Ting” (2017) by Jens Dahl. Before entering the witness protection program, bank robber Mikael demands three things from the police. Three things that cast a whole new light on the robbery he and his partners have been jailed for.


3 November: ”Der kommer en dag” (2016) by Jesper W. Nielsen. At the Orphanage Godhavn violence and humiliations plays a part of the everyday life. Based on real stories from Godhavn, where lots of boys were victims of violent and sexual abuse and medical experiments.

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