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13 · 09 · 2016

NORDIC GREEN at St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum

Nordic countries will be represented at the joint stand of the city “Global partners of St. Petersburg” during 21-23 September.

21 September at 16h15 will feature the seminar on International youth initiatives of regional “green startups and ecomobility organised by the Polytechnic University, Danish Cultural Institute and Leontief Centre as part of “Green mobilty” and “CO2 Green Drive project” takes place on 21 September at 16h15. Among Nordic speakers are the Ambassador of Iceland to Russia, Finnish and Danish participants.  In cooperation with the Committee for External Relations.

The seminar is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers within the “Green mobility” & “Co2 Green Drive” project.

Full programme in Russian & English. Для посещения форума и участия в семинаре требуется регистрация: http://www.spbinno.ru