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17 · 04 · 2019

“Waterfront” at the Urban Change Week

Join us for a “Waterfront” project workshop “Citizens and communities as co-creators of public spaces” at the V Urban Change Week in St. Petersburg on 18 April. 


First part — public talk “How art can change the reputation of a region” by Jeroen Everaert. He will tell how this is seen at the Netherlands where he works at the Drechtsteden region.


Second part will feature role play with participants of the “Waterfront: neighbourhood & community” working groups. We will select one group and one city location where they make a research whereas all others can select a “role to play” – administration, tourist, activist, developer, artists, local resident. Aim is to make a debate about different views on transforming a project location into friendly cultural or public space.


Idea and facilitation: Dmitry Pilikin and Olga Mnishko
Producer: Albina Motor


Workshop is organised in cooperation with the Street Art Research Institute, Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Danish Cultural Institute in St. Petersburg.