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11 · 02 · 2019

Waterfront: Public lecture by Eduard Haiman

We continue public section of the “Waterfront” project. You are welcome to the open lecture by designer and architect Eduard Haiman on Sunday, 17 February at 13.00.


Eduard Haiman is the head of the department of UI/UX design, visualization and analysis of city data for the company Habidatum. He will in this context present the theme “How we communicate with the city through big data”.


To investigate urban areas today, it is no longer possible to just look at a city as a static map. It is necessary to see the city in a timely context. Therefore, Habidatum develops its own “Habidatum Chronotope” -instruments that allow us to more easily analyse and visualise data based on time as well as geography. During the lecture, we will talk a little about trends in modern urban analysis based on data fund through monitoring and prediction of effects and the opportunities that are opened for urban development, infrastructure and urban economics.


Public lecture takes place on 17 February at 13.00 at the Center for Art and Music of St.  Petersburg Mayakovsky library (Nevsky pr., 20). Entrance is free.


Eduard Haiman is, besides being a designer, architect and head of the department of UI / UX design, visualization and analysis of city data for the company Habidatum, also co-founder of “Branch Point” and curator of several educational events.


The event is organised within the project “Waterfront, neighbourhood & community” in cooperation with the Street Art Research Institute and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.