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14 · 11 · 2020

“17FOR17” poster exhibition

Featuring the works by Danish and Russian designers, 17FOR17 opens on 16 November at 15:00 at the Russian National Library’s New Building. This is collaboration between Danish Cultural Institute and Chora2030, dedicated to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.


17FOR17 began in 2016, when Chora2030 (previously Chora Connection), Danish non-profit organization, invited 17 Danish designers to each interpret one of the 17 goals and resulted in a great success with exhibitions of the posters at a variety of major events in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Vejle and Bornholm as well as in exhibitions in private and public companies.


17FOR17 includes the works by Kim Meyer Andersen, Per Arnoldi, Susse Fischer, Jan Grarup, Peter Gyllan, Rikke Hansen, Jonas Heckscher, Gitte Kath, Rasmus Koch, Hernrik Kubel, Mervyn Kurlansky, Finn Nygaard, Johan Adam Linneballe, Majbrit Linnebjerg, Bo Linnemann, Lene Rose, and Torben Skov.


17FOR17 developed into an international project to include both Netherlandish and French designers in collaboration with AGI in Brussels. These collections were exhibited in Paris and in The Hague. The Danish Poster collection continued to the UN Headquarters in New York and the UN Headquarters in Geneva, as well as to UN City in Copenhagen.


At the Russian National Library 17FOR17 will for the first time present the posters by Russian designers Peter Bankov, Eric Belooussov, Vladimir Chaika, Eugeny Dobrovinsky, Faldin Family, Yuri Gulitov, Igor Gurovich, Erken Kagarov, Olga Kovaleva, Jannete Mark, Pavel Pisklakov, Dmitry Rekin, Natasha Shendrik, Nikolay Shtok, Yuri Surkov, and Victor Tyapkov.


Free entrance. Please, note, that the visitors with high temperature and visitors without masks and gloves will not be allowed.


17FOR17 poster exhibition will be open until 1 December.