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About Us

The Danish Cultural Institute works to create, strengthen, and support dialogue and cultural exchange between Denmark and the rest of the world. Through art and cultural cooperation, we seek to bridge the gaps between distinct, and sometimes conflicting, countries in order to enhance intercultural understanding worldwide.


We work to increase the knowledge of Danish society and its values while at the same time learn from the cultural contexts in which the branches of the DCI are based. By doing so, we aim at creating common ground across both cultural and national boundaries.


The Danish Cultural Institute is a self-governing organization bringing together artists, cultural institutions, and creative sectors from different countires. The Danish Cultural Institute in St. Petersburg thus works with Russian and Danish artists of all spheres, ages, profiles, media, and temperaments – but only on a professional level – and help create contacts and networks for greater richness in both Danish and Russian Culture.


Photo: Mads Hæsum Christensen