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About Us

Danish Cultural Institute in Saint Petersburg has, since its establishment in 2003, worked to create, strengthen, and support dialogue between Denmark and Russia. We work with a variety of both Russian and Nordic partners towards a sustainable and versatile development of the cultural scene.


In 1940, The Danish Cultural Institute was built on the mantra “What can we learn from one another?”. For 80 years we have stayed true to this goal, while continuously adapting to the turbulence of an increasingly global society.


By giving artists of all spheres, ages, profiles, media, and temperaments a platform to exhibit their works, we help create contacts and networks for greater richness in both Danish and Russian society. Through our projects we empower aspiring artists and the local communities alike. Our perception of culture is broad including areas such as urban development, education and general coexistence.


Though geography, language and societal differences divide us, we hope to create a common language of culture where both countries can contribute and inspire each other.


Photo: Mads Hæsum Christensen