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29 · 10 · 2019

City. Talks.

“City. Talks”. Sunday, 03 November 2019. Storytelling project in three cities: Copenhagen (start at 13.00), St. Petersburg (15.00) and Ekaterinburg (17.00) when almost 30 persons all together will come out in various public spaces and tell their stories on “How did I survive”. Stories about events which turned people’s perception of the world. Stories will be recorded and later available for watching.


Registration in St. Petersburg 

Organisers: C:NTACT (Copenhagen), Фонд «Альма Матер» / Alma Mater Foundation (St. Petersburg), Президентский центр Бориса Ельцина (Ekaterinburg).


With support of the Embassy of Denmark in Russia, Danish Cultural Institute in St. Petersburg, Statens Kunstfond, Ministries of Culture & Foreign Affairs of Denmark.