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02 · 12 · 2019

Music premiere: Filip Strauch & Jonathan Swensen

Music premiere


Danish musicians Filip Strauch, piano, and Jonathan Swensen, cello, will present at their concerts in Vyborg and St. Petersburg a new piece by young Danish composer Matias Vestergård, Sonata for cello and piano.


Filip Strauch and Jonathan Swensen will perform at the Alvar Aalto Library in Vyborg on 7 December at 15.00 (free entrance), at Danish Cultural Institute – on 8 December at 16.00 (free entrance by registration), and at Mikhail Lermontov Library (Liteyny pr., 19)– on 10 December at 19.00 (free entrance by invitations which can be collected from the library). They will also play music by Beethoven, Kodály, and Shostakovich.


The tour is organised with the support of the Augustinus Fonden.