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27 · 09 · 2019

Danish – Finnish Historical Musical Heritage

The Consulate General of Finland and Danish Cultural Institute present a project, dedicated to the centenary of birth of Kim Borg, opera singer, composer and teacher, whose life and music career connected Finland and Denmark.


The project consists of a series of concerts by international trio, soprano Gitta-Maria Sjöberg, cellist Tobias van der Pals and pianist Polina Fradkina, and Studia Generalia lecture by Danish composer Matti Borg, son of Kim Borg.


On 9 October at 19:00 Gitta-Maria Sjöberg, Tobias van der Pals and Polina Fradkina give a concert at Danish Cultural Institute, performing music by Kim Borg, Matti Borg, Leopold van der Pals, and Israel Finkelshtein.


Entrance by registration