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03 · 09 · 2020

Meet our new trainees!

Meet our new trainees! During this unusual time Mia, Amanda and Oscar (on the photo from left to right) helps us remotely from Denmark but we very much hope to welcome them in St. Petersburg soon!

🌟 My name is Amanda Bang Andersen. I am 29 years old and currently studying my masters in Aesthetics and Culture at Aarhus University. I have a bachelor’s degree in Russian studies, and I have been fascinated by Russia from a young age. I feel like I will never finish exploring this fantastic country, and that is why I wanted to do my internship at the Danish Cultural Institute in St. Petersburg. I like how we can learn from and about each other through art and culture. I am also fascinated by protest art and art that somehow addresses the Anthropocene and the relationship between human, animal and nature.

🌟 My name is Mia Eggert Jørgensen and I’m 27 years old. I have a bachelor’s degree in Ethnology and a minor subject in Theater and Performance art. Last summer I began my master in European Ethnology at the University of Copenhagen. I’ve been working with storytelling for some years now at a museum and in smaller theatre- and film projects. I think the Danish Cultural Institute in Skt. Petersburg are communicating some important stories through art and culture projects, and I am really looking forward to being part of that this semester.

🌟 My name is Oscar Dahl Fenger, 27 years of age and I am currently doing my master’s degree at Aarhus University in Global Studies. In 2019 I got my bachelor’s degree in Russian Studies also from Aarhus University, so the opportunity to intern at The Danish Cultural Institute fits me to the core. I have already had the pleasure of spending a semester in Saint Petersburg, and in spite of the Covid-situation, I dearly hope I will get to experience it again during my internship.
The Russian language is a big interest of mine, as is the country’s history, current and past, culture, and politics. One of my biggest motivations during my internship with The Institute is to be able to help and strengthen, if only a small bit, the intercultural dialogue between our two countries, and try to bring more understanding and common ground between us through mutual, cultural dialogue and exchange.