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22 · 03 · 2021

Reading St. Petersburg 2021. Danish literature

Reading St. Petersburg 2021. Danish Cultural Institute presents the nominee for 2021 for the international project Reading St. Petersburg: Choosing Best Foreign Writer, organized by Mayakovsky Central City Public Library.
On 4 March the Mayakovsky Central City Public Library held an online conference on the project, aimed at promotion of contemporary foreign literature in St. Petersburg, which the Library implements in cooperation with the Consulates Generals and international cultural institutes.

Danish Cultural Institute, permanent participant of the project, presented Danish authors and their works, nominated for this year:

Dy Plambeck’s Til min søster (To My Sister), published by Gyldendal, in the nomination “Best Foreign Writer: Work Not Translated into Russian”
Tove Ditlevsen’s Barndom (Childhood), translated by Anna Rakhmanko and published by No Kidding Press, in the nomination “Best Foreign Writer: Work Translated into Russian”

For more information and vote https://pl.spb.ru/lib/projects/pages/readers-2021/ (in Russian)