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14 · 11 · 2019

“Sisters Academy” education project

On 20 November at Danish Cultural Institute Sisters Hope award-winning performance-group (Copenhagen) presents the project «Sisters Academy»




Sisters Hope is widely acclaimed for their strong, performative concepts, where they inspire visions of a future society that puts the sensuous and poetic in the center. The group is rooted in performance-art, research, education and activism.
Sisters Hope work interventionist and immersive and use light-, sound- and set-design along with interactive performance-strategies to transform institutions and various stages of everyday life into sensuous and poetic universes. They have created large-scale performance installations at Nordic art institutions where audiences had to stay for at least 24 hours foregrounding a pioneering take on participation through art.


The project Sisters Academy that Sisters Hope seek to realize here is a school in a world and society where the sensuous and poetic mode of being is at the center of all action and interaction. It defines the primary mode of being and is the values on which all societal institutions are building – including the school. Thus Sisters Academy is the school in its founders term of a Sensuous society – A potential new world arising from the post-economic and ecological crisis.


For more on Sisters Hope http://sistershope.dk/


Do also see the latest publication on their work here: https://www.idoart.dk/shop/sisters-academy-education-for-the-future


“I’ve always liked art, but apart from music, all other art forms were kind of distant to me. Sometimes looking at a painting can move me, but when I came to Sisters Academy I discovered another level of being moved by art. It touched me in a more all-encompassing way.” – Audience-participant at Sisters Academy – The Boarding School, Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen. Awarded with the exhibition prize VISION by The Bikuben Foundation.