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18 · 06 · 2019

Summer Readings 2019

From 18 to 20 June at the book shops, cafes, and art clubs the actors from the St. Petersburg theaters will read extracts from books of the contemporary foreign literature in the framework of the large-scale project Reading St. Petersburg: Choosing Best Foreign Writer, organized by the Mayakovsky Library in cooperation with consulate generals and cultural institutes.


On 20 June at 18:00 Vlad Kozlov from Teatr Dojdey will read an excerpt from the book one in the Wildwitch series by Lene Kaaberbøl. Address: Bayazet restaurant, 112 Fontanka Embankment.


Free entrance. More information. 


Wildwitch series is an acclaimed new children’s fantasy series about a young girl who can communicate with and control the natural world.


Twelve-year-old Clara is an ordinary girl, so small and shy that her mum calls her Little Mouse. Then, one day, she meets a cat. A huge, strange, black cat, with glowing yellow eyes. And so begins her new life as a wildwitch.


Suddenly, Clara is plunged into a world of mystery and magic. With her Aunt Isa to guide her, she finds she can talk to animals and walk the mysterious Wildways. But then she is captured by the dreaded Chimera…


Wildwitch series was translated into Russian by Elena Gurova and Elena Krasnova and published by the Eksmo.


Photo: Danish Cultural Institute, Lene Kaaberbøl at St. Petersburg International Book Salon in May 2019.