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05 · 02 · 2021

Meet our new trainees

Dear friends! Welcome our new trainees. Anna and Frederik will help us in our work for the next six months from February till August 2021, being in Denmark.

Анна Эванс

My name is Anna Riley Evans, 29, and I was born and raised in the U.S. by a Danish mother and American father. I moved to Copenhagen with my mother when I was 15 and attended international school until I was 18. I started studying a BA in Eastern European Studies & Russian at the University of Copenhagen in 2018. I have just started my 6th semester, where I have been fortunate to intern at the Danish Cultural Institute of St. Petersburg. I spent my last semester doing a minor at the University of Copenhagen’s Arctic Institute, where I studied current Greenlandic and Arctic Politics & Society plus Inuit Culture & Society. I am interested in art, cinema, music, literature, language and culture in general. Hopefully, I will get to spend my next and final semester studying abroad in St. Petersburg. The interest to Russia was sparked as a teenager at international school and being surrounded by Eastern Europeans and their lovely languages.

Фредерик Риксен

My name is Frederik Rixen. I am 26 years old I have recently finished my bachelor’s degree at Aarhus University consisting of a core subject in Russian studies and a supplementary subject in Journalistic communication at Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX). Russia and its neighbouring countries have always been a great interest of mine. During my bachelor’s degree I learned that the Russian language is intimidating and beautiful, the history of Russia is complex and far-reaching, and Russia’s culture is rich and much more than matryoshka dolls and ballet. For this reason, I hope to share my fascination with Russia and its people during my internship at the Danish Cultural Institute and to be able to tell the good stories that have not yet been heard by combining my interests for Russia and writing.