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03 · 06 · 2021

“Ural Line 2021 – A Hymn for Peace” at Yeltsin Centre

26 years after the launch of the art installation “Peace Sculpture 1995” in Denmark, Danish curator and artist Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen and Russian concept artist Andrey Prigov have made a collaboration and this time in Russia.

The joint art project named “The Ural Line 2021 – A Hymn for Peace” consists of a line of light placed in the Urals between making a division between East and West. The Ural Line 2021 is presented Yeltsin Centre as part of the exhibition “Remote planets of DAP” devoted to 80th anniversary of the Russian artist Dmitry Prigov and takes place between 28 May and 22 August in Yekaterinburg.

Opening broadcast is available here.